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5 Reasons to Use A Certified Recycler

5 Reasons to Use A Certified Recycler


The responsible management practices used by R2 vendors have five essential benefits for you:


  1. Secure Data Destruction

Traditionally, businesses have been known to use a separate third-party vendor to conduct the destruction of sensitive data, then send the obsolete electronics for recycling process. R2-compliant and certified vendors help in eliminating the middle man. They are trained in destruction of data for all types of electronic equipment using industry-standard practices. IT people are not trained to destroy sensitive data. They may use hammer and drills to manually destroy hard drives. With methodology, proper machines are used to destroy hard drives and also you receive a serialized Certificate of Destruction.

  1. Complete Tracking

With bulk electronics going through recycle process, some pieces may become lost or stolen. An R2 certified recycler offers serialized asset tracking from pickup through final disposition for all businesses. There is complete transparency in the process and businesses are notified of every move made in the recycling of their electronics.

  1. End-to-End Legal Compliance

R2 vendors demonstrate compliance with all applicable standards for environmental protection, data security, and human health prior to certification. A certified recycler will perform safe processing of electronics so that they don’t wind up in a landfill. They ensure that they aren’t going to be exposed to harsh chemicals or end up doing the stripping of components manually. 



  1. Corporate Social Responsibility

Businesses and consumers alike are becoming more aware of environmental issues and their part in sustainability development. No matter whether you serve a B2B or B2C market, using R2-certified or compliant recyclers for e-waste handling will demonstrate your efforts in minimizing the negative environmental impact.

  1. Added Confidence for Your Consumers and Investors

Over the last few years, the business world has been rocked by a long series of high-profile data breaches. Companies are spending millions to defend data on their networks – it makes sense to invest in protecting that data once it goes out the door, too. That extra diligence boosts confidence in the overall operations of businesses.


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