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We Provide Comprehensive Solutions For Responsible Electronics Recycling.

Empower your business with our tailored, sustainable electronics solutions, ensuring responsible disposal and data security.

Secure Data Destruction

Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques, we ensure the complete and irreversible destruction of sensitive data from your electronic devices, safeguarding your privacy and confidentiality.

Eco-Friendly Recycling

Our environmentally conscious approach ensures responsible disposal of outdated electronics, minimizing the impact on the environment and promoting sustainable practices.

IT Asset Recovery

Maximize the value of your retired IT assets through our efficient re-marketing strategies. We help you recover value from your unused electronics while adhering to strict data security standards.

Free Pickup

Enjoy the convenience of our free pick-up service, where our trained professionals will collect your outdated electronics from your location at no additional cost, saving you time and effort.

Dedicated Account Manager

Benefit from personalized support and dedicated account management. Our team will work closely with you to understand your goals and challenges, providing proactive solutions.

Customized E-Waste Solutions

We design customized recycling programs tailored to your organization's unique needs and objectives. Whether you require one-time disposal or ongoing e-waste management.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide comprehensive solutions for businesses' electronic waste needs, promoting environmental stewardship while delivering reliable service and value to our clients.

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Unlike conventional recyclers, we go beyond simply collecting and processing electronics. With our focus on secure data destruction, eco-friendly practices, and personalized service, Equip Recycling offers a comprehensive solution that prioritizes both environmental sustainability and client satisfaction.

At Equip Recycling, our mission is to lead the way in responsible electronics recycling, providing businesses with secure data destruction, eco-conscious disposal, and tailored solutions to meet their needs.

Our vision is a world where electronic waste is managed sustainably, contributing to a cleaner environment and a circular economy.

At Equip Recycling, we foster a culture of integrity, innovation, and environmental responsibility. We are committed to exceeding industry standards while delivering exceptional service and value to our clients.

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    Tailored Solutions for Diverse Industries: Explore Our Comprehensive Services

    At Equip Recycling, we understand that different industries have unique needs when it comes to electronic waste management.


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    IT Industry



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    Trusted Industry Leaders: R2V3 Certified and Committed to Environmental Stewardship

    At Equip Recycling, we pride ourselves on our industry-leading certifications, including R2v3, demonstrating our commitment to the highest standards of responsible electronics recycling.

    client Testimonials

    Tailored Solutions for Diverse Industries: Explore Our Comprehensive Services

    Our clients' satisfaction is our top priority. Don't just take our word for it—read what they have to say about their experience with Equip Recycling. From seamless pickups to thorough data destruction, our personalized service and commitment to excellence shine through in every testimonial.

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