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Electronic Recycling

We offer reliable & secure recycling of old electronics by repurposing them, while helping protect the environment.

IT Asset Recovery

After secure audit process, we help you generate a higher return on assets for items that can be re-used and resold.

IT Direct Purchasing

We offer a direct purchase of your old equipments based on the given market value, to generate you Fast and Easy Cash for your unwanted electronics.


We conveniently pickup unwanted & old electronics from your location free of cost.

Transparent Process

Our process is transparent with up to date tracking and the process can be tailored to your needs.


We utilize proprietary wiping software to ensure complete data eradication process customized to meet any of the procedures required by our customers

The process is easy!

1. Book A Pickup

We will drive right to the front door of your business to remove your old electronics.

2. Secure Data Destruction

Your data and sensitive materials are always securely destroyed.

3. Responsible Recycling

Our process is designed to better protect your business and the environment.

Laptop & Desktop Computers


Cellphones, Tablets & iPads

Keyboards, Mouse, and other Electronics

Servers & Switches

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Network Equipments

Printers, Photocopiers & Fax Machines

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Power Supply

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Chromebooks & Smart Boards

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Speakers & Stereo

What We Take


electronic recycling

Electronic Recycling

The amount of electronic waste in U.S is increasing due to the proliferation of electronic devices. About 70 percent of toxic materials in our landfills are e-waste. We offer recycling services that gives new life to your old equipment, while helping protect the environment. Electronics are extremely damaging and toxic to the environment, and we here at, Equip recycling, are committed to reducing the impact e-waste has on our global environment. All e-waste material is dismantled in-house to assure quality. To give you an idea we recycle: Mainframes, Typewriters, Cell Phones, Toner, Cartridges, Networking, Equipment, Fax Machines, & Copiers, Medical & Lab-Equipment, Telecommunications Equipment, Backup-Battery Systems, Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Monitors, Televisions, and any other Pile of Electronics you have. Hence, we offer several solutions to fit any industry and any size of business.

It Asset Recovery

Equip recycling’, Recycling Asset Management Division, allows clients to generate a higher return on assets for items that can be re-used and resold. Once assets arrive at our Processing Center, each asset is audited, then monitored throughout the disposition process. We will record equipment by make, model, serial numbers, and assign an asset tag number. Our trained technicians will test each piece of equipment for functionality, condition, and grade, to generate the highest possible returns for the client. All tested, working, sanitized equipment will be then be sold by our experienced sales staff, to our vast array of Domestic and International Clients.

asset recovery
direct purchasing

It Direct Purchasing

If your company is looking to sell its surplus IT equipment we can help. We offer a Direct purchase of your Equipment based on the Given Market Value, to generate you Fast and Easy Cash for your unwanted products. We have a large network of Domestic and International buyers, which, enables us to maximize the sale price and give a maximum Value in return to our Clients. We Also offer Revenue Sharing, Market Based Assessment, and Consignment based Management, as solutions to enhance the true value of your assets and partnership with Equip recycling.

Easy Pickup

Our technicians and drivers will come on-site and palletize, pack, wrap, and consolidate your equipment. We do all the loading, from boxes to pallets, for our clients. If there is no loading dock available, do not worry, we have you covered. With our automatic lift gates equipped on all box trucks, we can can schedule anything from a single pallet pick up, to full trailer load. Our third-party fleet of box trucks and tractor trailers service the entire state of Georgia, while our transportation partners enable us to cover the Southeast and beyond. We assign a job number in our tracking system to each order, which represents the start of the ITAD process and allow our customers to track their assets throughout the process.

easy pickup


Our processes and records are completely transparent to our customers. We are flexible in meeting your unique needs for asset or serial number reporting; whether it is, Daily & monthly reporting, Certificate of Secure Destruction for all destroyed assets, Serial Number scanning, Asset Tag recording, Make and Model recording, Witnessed Destruction, or requested Video-Recorded Destruction. Whether it be communicating with your finance department on assets that have been decommissioned, providing your information security team with serialized tracking reports, or simply knowing that a shipment has been received at our facility, we do it all for our Customers.

Data Wiping

Equip recycling’, Recycling, utilizes proprietary wiping software to ensure complete data eradication. We can customize Data Removal to meet any of the procedures required by our customers. Our technicians can come to your facilities and sanitized all Data, utilizing a Department of Defense (D.O.D) Grade software in accordance with the standards set forth by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD 5220.22M Specifications) and the National Institute of Standards & Technology. Our secure, state of the art shredding/destruction facility located in Macon, GA. shreds hard drives into quarter sized pieces assuring true data/product destruction resulting in complete peace of mind for our Customers.

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