Revenue Based Asset Management

Revenue Sharing Asset Mgmt.

This program is specially designed for large companies and organizations in need of a comprehensive IT asset disposal solution. Equip recycling will alleviate you of All retired computer and IT related equipment, which, includes the equipment that other companies leave behind. As soon as your assets leave your facility, Equip recycling, adopts all liability. We rely on secure transportation and ensure that all processing takes place within our secured facility. All value is determined by current wholesale market prices, and the revenue you receive, is based on a predetermined percentage share. The equipment that is deemed to have value, will be identified, and documented in an audit report. Equipment that is determined to have zero value, will be sent for recycling in according to EPA guidelines. To inform customers about the value that has been derived from their retired IT assets, a complete revenue share report, will be presented. Included with the revenue share report, are transfer of liability, and data destruction certificates.