Electronic Recycling

The amount of electronic waste in U.S is increasing due to the proliferation of electronic devices. About 70 percent of toxic materials in our landfills are e-waste. We offer recycling services that gives new life to your old equipment, while helping protect the environment. Electronics are extremely damaging and toxic to the environment, and we here at, Equip recycling, are committed to reducing the impact e-waste has on our global environment. All e-waste material is dismantled in-house to assure quality. To give you an idea we recycle: Mainframes, Typewriters, Cell Phones, Toner, Cartridges, Networking, Equipment, Fax Machines, & Copiers, Medical & Lab-Equipment, Telecommunications Equipment, Backup-Battery Systems, Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Monitors, Televisions, and any other Pile of Electronics you have. Hence, we offer several solutions to fit any industry and any size of business.